Violent Remains:The South Station Hoard

Exploring Medieval treasure and hoards through comparison to tween youth culture

Archaeologists’ Log of the Hoard Discovery

An accident at MIT leads to a nuclear explosion in Cambridge, MA in the Summer of 2008. The greater Boston area is reduced to rubble. In October of 2812, a … Continue reading

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Pinterest Board on Tween Cultures

Pinterest Board on Tween Cultures

This pinterest board represents some of the tween visual cultures we examined in our project.

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In-process images of the Hoard from start to finish by Karie Edwards

These images show the amazing photography and installation processes of Edwards in creating dusty, glittering treasure prized by pre-teen girls and stashed away in a subway storage locker to be … Continue reading

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Girl Zone: Art Ed and Girl Studies

GIrl Zone: Art Ed and Girl Studies

Check out this interesting visual collage from pinterest “of interest to Feminists, women, girls, families. civil society advocates, educators, NAEA Women’s Caucus, etc.”!

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Bullying Contexts (as reference points for hoarding/burying)

Within our project, we crafted a narrative that used gang-like aggression as a parallel for medieval battles.  We imagined that one group of girls had stolen and stashed the precious … Continue reading

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Hoarding and Other Hoards

Buried treasure.  Few words illicit such a clear picture.  Piles of gold chains pouring over mountains of coin, all twinkling and ready for the taking.  Objects from  early medieval hoards … Continue reading

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Draft Inventory List of Tween Hoard Items

dolls (maybe 1 or 2) Jewelry:  charm bracelets, charms, necklace pendants (Mother Mary, crosses, promise rings, chastity jewelry, WWJD, could be Swiss army knives – pink/ razor blade necklaces…) Diaries … Continue reading

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